Building Murphy Aircraft's 'Rebel' Experimental Aircraft Kit


Photo depicts my departure from the EAA Chapter 105 fly-in breakfast at Starks Twin Oaks Airpark (7S3) Hillsboro, Oregon 5/3/2008.


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May 2013 - I have not often checked this website since my this project was completed and the Rebel is actively flying. It appears to have become degraded some with the transfer of the files to a new server? Anyway, I am going to work on getting it back into shape.

In addition, I am going to actively begin to advertise my Rebel for sale. As much as I enjoyed building it, and flying it, it is time to move on to another project. And so if you might be interested, or know of someone who may be interested, please click on the link above for a spec sheet and additional photographs. Inquiries to me at Rognal@Comcast.Net.

This web site was originally established to show the assembly progress of my Murphy Rebel experimental kit aircraft. I have posted quite a few photo’s showing that process. Clicking on the Website Contents link above will take you to the contents page.

The aircraft is a Murphy Rebel manufactured as a kit by the Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing Co. of Chilliwack, British Columbia. The construction photo’s posted here begin at the point where the forward cabin floor is being built. There are no digital photo’s here of the empennage construction, wing construction, or tail-cone construction.

I have mounted a brand new Continental IO-240-B to the firewall. I chose this engine because I felt it best fit the intended use I have for the aircraft, which is simply to travel by air, at a reasonable speed. The aircraft will be equipped for day/night VFR.

The aircraft was inspected and received an Airworthiness Certificate in May 2007. First flight was June 2007.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that the photographs shown here depict how I built my aircraft. NOT how you should build yours. Do not use my photographs to guide you in the building of your aircraft. If you decide to ignore this advice, you do so entirely at your own risk.

R. Hoffman

Eugene, Oregon  USA!!