This aircraft is a Murphy Rebel kit aircraft which was built entirely by me, the seller, and which received an Airworthiness Certificate in May 2007. Asking price is $37,500.00 USD. I will consider any reasonable offer. 

The sale of this aircraft will be by bank to bank wire transfer of funds only, and subject to a written sales contract similiar to that provided by the EAA.

Homebase is Eugene (KEUG), OR. USA. Everything on this aircraft was installed factory new with the exception of the heated pitot tube which was purchased used.

I maintain a photographic record of the build at http://tincantimes.dcsol.com/. Please review that site for additional information.

Scroll down this page for details specific to the sale to include aircraft specs, an equipment list, and photographs.

This aircraft is flown regularly and has always been hangared. Email Roger Hoffman at Rognal@Comcast.net for additional detail.


2007 Murphy Rebel, for sale at $37,500.00 USD or reasonable offer.
Total Time Airframe: 243.3 (tach time) hrs. as of 4/26/2013.
Condition Inspection:  due May 2013
Total Time Engine: 243.3 (tach time) hrs. as of 4/26/2013.
Total Time Propeller: 193.5 hrs. as of 4/26/2013
Engine: Teledyne Continental IO-240B4B, 125 HP, Fuel Injected, 4 cyl air cooled. Purchased factory new.
Propeller: Sensenich wood W74EM-52. Purchased factory new.
Gross Weight: 1650 lbs.
Empty Weight: 974 lbs.
Fuel Capacity:  22 gal. each wing.  44 gal total.
Full length flaperons.
Float fittings installed, never used.
Cabin upholstery is unfinished. Cabin interior is unpainted.
Full length interior floor.
Fuel burn at 2350 RPM (55%/100 mph TAS) has averaged +/- 5 gph.
Paint is Poly Fiber Aerothane.
Stainless Steel crossover exhaust by Custom Aircraft Parts.
Custom gear leg pivot bushings by Gordon Mohr.
Harrison Vortex Generators from www.landshorter.com installed on wings.

There is minor dimpling of the right wingtip leading edge caused by a bird strike at 3 hrs into the Phase 1 Flight Test period. See photos this page. Damage has had no effect on the flight characteristics.

    Equipment List

  • Garmin GTX 327 Transponder (out of certification)
  • Icom A200 Comm Radio
  • PS Engineering PM1000II Intercom
  • Ameri-King AK-350 Altitude Encoder
  • Ameri-King AK-450 ELT
  • Precision Aviation Inc. PAI-700 Vertical Card Compass
  • Falcon BZW-4B Turn Coordinator
  • UMA 8-310-20 Vertical Speed Indicator
  • Falcon Alt 20INF-3 Altimeter
  • UMA 16-311-160 Airspeed Indicator
  • Heated pitot tube
  • TruTrak Flight Systems ADI Attitude Indicator w/GPS ground track display
  • Electronics International R-1-4 Digital Tachometer
  • Electronics International OPT-1 Oil pressure/temperature gauge
  • Electronics International VA-1A-50 Volt/Amp meter
  • Electronics International US-8A-4 Engine Analyzer w/4 cylinder EGT & CHT sensors, and OAT.
  • Builder designed/constructed Lift Reserve Indicator
  • Datcon hour meter
  • Chief Aircraft fuel level gauges (2) using Stewart Warner resistance float sending units
  • Chief Aircraft fuel pressure gauge
  • Cessna Aircraft Master Switch
  • Protection RT A600 fire extinguisher
  • Teledyne Continental magneto switch
  • AeroFlash Signal 073-0540G/R-12 nav/posit lights
  • Wing mounted landing and taxi lights w/wigwag
  • Menzimer Aircraft Components MAC 4A electric trim

  • Murphy Aircraft Mfg. leather seat upholstery

  • Alaska Bushwheel Inc. ABI 3224A Tailwheel
  • Irish Field Aviation compression spring gear center struts w/ 3/16" Alaska Safety Cables.
  • Irish Field Aviation Firewall Reinforcing Plates for the Murphy Rebel.
  • Murphy Aircraft Mfg. 8.00 x6.00 optional 'bush' tires

  • Teledyne Continental IO-240B4B 125 HP fuel injected engine
  • Teledyne Continental 15V-60 Amp alternator
  • B&C Specialty Products BC320-1 starter
  • Slick 4301 magnetos
  • Lord engine mounts
  • Stewart Warner 10955R-T remote (firewall) mounted oil cooler
  • Weldon A8163-A fuel boost/primer pump
  • Usher Gascolator
  • Odyssey PC 680 12V battery
  • B&C Specialty Products S701-1 Battery Contactor
  • B&C Specialty Products S702-1 Starter Contactor
  • NAPA Echlin VR438 Voltage Regulator

  • Sensenich W74EM-52 wood propeller
  • Saber Mfg. propeller spacer and crush plate

Photographs [click on thumbnail]